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An Evermore Candle Studio original inspired by the English countryside and the sacred groves of Celtic culture. This candle encapsulates the great outdoors - think morning walks and rain drenched forest floors. Pine essential oil is the base note for this woodsy fragrance, with middle notes of cedarwood and just a touch of sweet orange to bring it all together.                                              




Top note: sweet orange

Middle note: pine

Base note: cedarwood                                                                                                       


Moon Room Mist    


The Evermore room mists are made from all natural, organic ingredients. Perfect for providing an instant spritz of fragrance to rooms, furniture and clothing, these mists are a clean and natural alternative for keeping your home fresh and also make great travel companions

Grove Tea Light & Room Mist

  • 6 Mini tea light set in a branded Evermore pouch. Perfect addition to any mantle piece or side table


    1 Moon Room mist                                               

    60ml glass bottle

    Bottle height: 7cm




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